Monke Mod Manager

Let's turn on auto-pilot for mods in Gorilla tag. Monke Mod Manager will keep installing custom mods into the game once you installed it. It will do all the necessary things to improve your gameplay and to make sure you enjoy the game. By hitting the button below, You directly download the mod manager without any hesitation.



What is it?

All you need to know about Monke mod manager

The Gorilla Tag is enjoyable to play solo, but it's even better if you can get a group of friends together to play. Because the addition of mods enhances the game's experience, we've created this article to explain what mods are and how to obtain them for Gorilla Tag. Mods are a short form for modifications, and in gaming, they are usually created by the game's communities to improve or change the game's experience. Many games allow players to modify the game to make it more entertaining, although not all game developers enable modding.

The good news is that you can install and try out many of the gtag mod menus created by the community. Monke Mod Manager is the most well-known mod installer that will automatically install custom modules into Gorilla Tag. It also can be re-run to keep the mods up to date. Monke Mod Manager also reminds you of any changes by viewing the most recent release's page if one is available.

Monke Mod Manager

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This is the download section of the Monke Mod Manager website. You can simply download the Monke mod manager exe by clicking the button below. This a very small exe file in size if you consider other well-reputed mod managers, but this is one of the best and strongest mod injectors for Gtag without a doubt.


Monke Mod Manager

Howto ?

Further instructions

To run Monke Mod Manager, double-click the program you've downloaded (MonkeModManager.exe). Monke Mod Manager will automatically be listed in your Gorilla Tag installation folder. If you installed Gorilla Tag to a separate drive except in the C drive, Monke Mod Manager lets you prompt you to select Gorilla Tag.exe from your current installation folder. This should be your installation folder if you installed Gorilla Tag on your C drive (System drive). C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Gorilla Tag After selecting the installation folder, you may choose any listed mods. BepInEx is the mod loader for the Gorilla Tag game, and it cannot be unchecked. If you need to update a mod that has already been checked, simply select the installed mod again. If you want to get more information on a mod, you can click on it and click on the View Mod Info button.

After selecting the mods, and if you would like to install/update, click the Install/Update button to start the process. The status monitor in the bottom left displayed " Install complete!" when it's completed. That means you're almost done! You can always press the " View Mod Info" button and read the GitHub page to learn how to use it and what it does.

If you're starting to modding the game with a clean install (The rst time modding), you will need to launch the Gorilla Tag game once and close it to initialize the BepInEx folder. It's possible that no mods will load the first time you play Gorilla Tag after modding. This is perfectly normal. After that, re-launch Gorilla Tag, and if everything goes well, your mods will now load into the game. The GTA 6 is also rolling out in the near future, you can gear up yourself with the latest mods for GTA 6 from GTA6Modding. They are providing some unique and genuine mods for GTA.

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Monke Mod Manager

This is a must-have modification if you play Gorilla Tag. It will inject custom mods into the game automatically.

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